While we often have platform preferences, we are platform agnostic — And, always exploring new volumetric tools that are the best fit for whatever application we are producing.

Recently, we were fascinated by Volograms latest offering “Messages.” Side Note: The Volograms team are extremely important to the volumetric industry with their innovations and  consumer facing products.

After some quick tests, we brought in a DP, lighting and talent to see what quality level we could hit.  Here is the result (for webAR):



#volumetric video – Working with traditional film DP to explore methods for on-set lighting of volumetric talent.

MAY 2023 –  Pondering Volumetric Video, Augmented Reality and Story

Sometimes we’ll take a step back and question this quest we’re on: Converging volumetric video with augmented reality (AR) to create storied engagements.

It seems as if there would be far more activity pursuing this format – We hope there will be.

I was having a discussion with a fairly well known AR company executive the other day that triggered this Post.  His take on AR was that it’s interactive features were what was driving Users.  However, also noting that AR still had a long way to go before becoming a mainstream media format.

Not everyone (perhaps, no one) will agree with this analysis, but, here it goes…

  •  Lean forward and Lean back variables for defining “immersive media” are overly simplistic
  •  The most “immersive media” formats are film, live music, followed closely by recorded music and theater
  •  What is meant by “most?”  Those media formats engage a range of senses and emotions that are far more complex and deeper than “clicking.”  Going further, they are also formats that trigger memories with accompanying emotions.   And, in the cases of live music, an individual can become one part of a unit of 20,000 that has a life of its own…

Volumetric video delivers human performance into 3D spaces – AR and VR (Cumulatively XR).

Augmented Reality is content most widely consumed via mobile device, but, glasses and holographic screens are emerging as distribution platforms.

Augmented reality with human performance is a new language of film…With all the potential to complement one of the most immersive of medias.   

Basically, volumetric video can evolve AR from “clicks” to engaging with human emotions.  And, like film and television, this is all best when wrapped up in a story.

We are only just scratching the surface of incorporating volumetric video content with augmented reality.  We’re bringing film makers into the process…and Actors…to see what we can create.  It’s exciting times.  Our hope is that with the costs of production and distribution dropping, we’ll see many more productions explore this format and deliver meaningful, immersive experiences to many.



MAY 2023  —  Preview of AR Screen Recording for upcoming ghostParticles episodes.  #houston #volumetric_video

APRIL 2023 Teaser for upcoming storied demo from Spatial Cowboy Studios.  #houston #volumetric_video
MARCH 2023 webAR tests underway.  As well, processing UV Maps before running OBJ sequences out to webAR.

FEBRUARY 2023 We’ve been busy testing various production techniques and output options for the new volumetric stage.  Here’s a really brief taste of output to framed-video…#houston #volumetric_video


Opening November 2022, the Spatial Cowboy Studios’ Volumetric Video stage; Houston-based, yet portable. For recorded and real-time volumetric content.





MARCH 2022 We had a fantastic time @ SXSW this year – Running workshops, demos and panels for independent volumetric video production which included SOAR VOLUMETRIC, AMP CREATIVE, VOLOGRAMS and special guests from SENSE OF SPACE. Please to see old, and make new, friends during our time in Austin…Showreel below:

SOME EARLIER WORKS… Our friends @ SENSE OF SPACE in Finland, who developed the volumetric video editing and webAR delivery platform: SenseXR — Took our Wonderland project out for a spin in the forest – Where, perchance, they found a rather magical trail, which lined up just perfectly with the intro and exit of Alice into the scene… This is our new favorite screen recording of the webAR experience of WONDERLAND…Now, we just need to find that forest location ourselves…